Benzoyl Peroxide Causing Allergic Reaction and Swollen Eyelids

Question: In the past I've used benzoyl peroxide treatments with minimal problems. On the rare occasion, my upper eyelids would become very swollen for a day or two, at which point I always stopped the treatment. I just stopped my Retin-A Micro use recently, and last night I began the serious skincare continuously clear line, which includes a step containing benzoyl peroxide. I feel a positive difference in my face already. I think this stuff would work with time. Only problem is that one eyelid is swollen up this morning. I'd hate to give this stuff up if this is something that's going to get better. I know you have to build up a tolerance for benzoyl peroxide. My question is: is this something that's going to get better as I continue to use it? Do allergic reactions to it fade after the skin has time to adjust? Thanks!! :)

Thank you for reaching out to us.When your skin becomes senstive to a product that you are applying, and you get a reaction such as puffy eyes, then yes I would discountinue applying the product. It appears that you seem to be sensitive to certain acids for your skin. I would recommend that you look for products that contain lactic acid to help with your pores and to help cleanse out your conjestion.Another option would be to go for organic products such as Eminence Organic Skin Care‘s lines they have very nice regimens for acne prone skin. You don’t necessarily have to go with stronger acids to help with your skins concerns. Best wishes, Cyndee Dermstore EstheticianRead more on the blog: Benzoyl Peroxide versus Salicylic Acid