Best melasma makeup

Question: I'm a long time (10 yr +) sufferer of stubborn malasma on my upper lip. I have tried everything and spent tens of thousands of dollars on products, lasers, medical and cosmetic dermatologists visits and other treatments, with little results. I'm currently using Skinmedica lighting kit, Even up, by Colorscience, and a Dermasweep every five to six weeks which seemed to lighten my malasma for a bit but like always, the results are fading (not my malasma). I am a mascara and chapstick kind of girl, so trying makeup is new to me, even at 36 years old. My malasma makes me a prisoner, as I hate going out into public for people to stare at. I have been a stay at home mom for five years now but one day, want to get back into the adult world of working. I would like to know what suggestions you have for the best, full coverage makeup that would cover my melasma and not make it looks more brownish/grayish, as a lot of products have this problem. I just want coverage and the best advice for color matching when buying online. Thank you, A

Thank you for reaching out to us. I would recommend the brand Dermablend , their Cover Cream High Coverage Foundation , they have a lot of colors to choose from depending on your skin type. It is always a good idea to go to a department store to get color matched so you know what color would suit you best. But the swatches on line next to this product are actually very nice. There are other products within this brand that you might be interested in as well. It is always nice to apply a primer , this will help to not have that cakey look that you did not want to happen. Their Insta-grip Jelly Makeup Primer will help with those concerns.I hhope this helps, have a nice day! Cyndee, Dermstore Esthetician