Bloodroot for Moles

Question: Hi-- I was checked by a dermatologist today. The exam went fine--no signs of skin cancer or any other problems. I have a small mole on my back that I'd like removed, but my insurance won't cover it because its cosmetic. I'm a little wary of moles because my father had melanoma in the 1980's. (he survived thank God). I've heard of bloodroot-based products used to remove moles and warts. Do you think this is a safe alternative to traditional removal? Thanks, Tim C.

To be honest I do not have enough knowledge about bloodroot and its use of removing moles to give you an educated answer. Based on the information I gathered, it does not look or sound safe to me, but again I have not had any experience using a product with this ingredient in it ti remove moles. However, I do know that many other “natural” or “at home” mole removal methods are generally known to be unsafe. Best skin care wishes.

Meagan, Esthetician