Question: I had jaw surgery three weeks ago and my skin was pretty clear before that. Then right after surgery, it was even more clear, but very oily and I wasn't allowed to wash my face and it remained clear. I would occasionally wipe my face down with a toner but not daily. But about a week ago I started getting big whiteheads in areas that I used to normally break out. And about two days ago it started getting really bad. It's rashy and red and I can see more whiteheads forming. I don't pick them at all and I am currently using cetaphil every once in awhile. I noticed that the whiteheads dry up after a day or two and fall off like they were never there, but they still looked like whiteheads. I am on a liguid diet and I mostly drink applejuice and tea and I drink A LOT of it since I can't eat anything else. Is my skin just purging itself or what? It came so randomly and quickly. I've never had breakouts like this and it's not that time of month.

It sounds like your skin is reacting due to the change it diet, I suggest you contact the doctor who performed the surgery and ask them if this is normal, ask them if you should see a dermatologist in person, your doctor should have more information as to what is going on with your skin. Please contact me if you have further questions. Best skin care wishes.

Meagan, Esthetician