Bumpy Skin Texture

Question: As I've aged (I'm 44), I've been noticing that the texture of the skin on my forehead is getting a sort of bumpy appearance. The same is happening on the skin on my neck and chest. Is this congested pores? Just a natural occurrence with aging? Is there a product you'd recommend to help smooth the appearance?

Thank you for reaching out to us. I would recommend the brand SkinCeuticals. Their Retexturing Activator for day followed by their Metacell Renewal B3 .For night I would recommend their Glycolic 10 Renew Overnight . You should also cleanse with this cleanser 2-3 x a week to help improve the texture of your skin ,theirMicro-Exfoliating Scrub .All of these products are designed to help with your skin concerns. I hope this helps, have a nice day! Cyndee, Dermstore Esthetician