Burns on my face after Limelight facial treatment

Question: Is it normal to have linear burns after a Limelight facial treatment? The skin center says it is normal, but when I research it online, it sounds abnormal. I have contacted dermatologists in the area, but no one has an opening until October even when I explain the situation. They recommend going to a primary care physician or urgent care, but I do not currently have a primary care physician. I am also concerned that they may not feel comfortable with this problem as they do not treat only skin daily. I would love to send pictures if that would help, so any information is greatly appreciated! I am also in the medical field, but treat animals. I feel like the laser treatment I had was advertised as pretty harmless and now I feel very self conscious and that I have no one to guide me. There is not a doctor at the skin center. It has been 2 days since my treatment. Thank you very, very much!! Naomi

Unfortunately I have not personally worked with this treatment. Normal side effects are darkening and reddening of the skin with some swelling. This should only last a few days at the most. If you feel your skin is beyond these symptoms, then yes it is abnormal. Keep in mind though all skin is different. The treatment may have not been customized correctly to your skin which could make results different, but not exactly negative. You could also experience this if the pretreatment gel was not used right before the light. Consider these things, give your skin a couple more days then the average recommendation and see how you do. Best skin care wishes.

Meagan, Esthetician