can a dermatologist prescribe pain medication?

Question: I have been undergoing laser tattoo removal sessions for the past 3 years and after each session, my dermatologist would prescribe vicodin to ease my discomfort/pain for the next day or two. However this last session, he said that they can no longer do this. He said that dermatologists can no longer prescribe narcotics… that would have to come through my family care physician; which seems ridiculous since a) the treatment the dermatologist did caused the pain and b) to go back to my normal doctor would cost me another office visit! Is this true? Or does my dermatologist simply no longer want to prescribe vicodin?

The medical office that I work with does not prescribe pain medication after laser removal. We only suggest such things as Tylenol or something else over the counter to help relieve the pain or discomfort. I don’t see why your dermatologist would suddenly not want to prescribe the pain meds, I believe it’s true that stipulations have changed and he can no longer prescribe the medication to you. Another option is to call your primary physician and ask them as well. I’m not completely certain seeing as our medical office has never prescribed such medications. Best skin care wishes.

Meagan, Esthetician