Care for Older Sun Damaged Skin

Question: Hi there! I use iS clinical and love it. My mother has noticed my results and is interested in the products. I think the cleanser, pro-heal hydra cool serum, eye cream and maybe the moisturizer (not sure if she needs one a bit more substantial) would be great for her but would love your opinion on other products that would work better for her skin. She is 65 her main skin concerns are dryness, sun damage and wrinkles. Are there other products you would suggest? Happy to switch out any serums you think would suit her skin better. Thank you!

Hi Liz,

Thank you for contacting us, I would recommend a slightly more hydrating cleanser such as the Cleansing Cream or the Warming Honey Cleanser. The ProHeal Advanced Serum would be a great morning treatment followed by either the Reparative Emulsion or the Youth Crème. In the evening after cleansing i would suggest either the Brightening Complex, Hydra-Cool serum or Youth Serum and layer with either the Reparative Emulsion or the Youth Crème.

Best Wishes,

Cyndee, Dermstore Esthetician