Caring for matted hair. Looking forward to your guidance and recommendations. Please.

Question: Hello my name is suzanna and up until a few months ago I had a full head of very long, kind of thin but pretty healthy head of hair that had only been dyed/bleached 3x within 2 years - but I let it matt because of mental health reasons and it became very very damaged during the combing out processes. A large amount of hair was pulled out during the coming out process because of all the tugging. The hair that is still on my head that we brushed out is compromised and just eventually breaks off or becomes tangled on it’s own because it’s now 10x more prone to matting now even though I’m taking better care of it. And I also have some pieces that we just had to cut a few inches away frm my scalp because brushing it would be impossible. With all this being said, what products would you recommend for hair growth, hair care for thin, damaged, breaking off hair, hair tools and hair protection. I want to purchase a mason Pearson brush but I don’t know which one is right because although my hair is short and damaged now and half of it is compromised, the roots that are growing in are my original fine - normal hair. Looking very forward to your advice. Thank you so much.

Thank you for reaching out to us . I would recommend the Keranique Deluxe Regrowth Hair System Kit . I would also add the KeraViatin Hair & Scalp Health Supplements . For the Mason Pearson brush I would start off with the Detangling Comb and finish off with the Pocket Bristle and Nylon Hair Brush . I would stay away from any hot tools for now until your hair feels like it`s back to normal and healthy again.