Copper Peptides and Tretinoin

Question: If I'm using a copper peptide product, can it be layered on top of (or under) a nightly application of tretinoin 0.1% cream? I've heard that acidic (such as Vitamin C) lotions counteract the effectiveness of copper peptides. Along those lines, would another peptide product work better with tretinoin use (such as Regenerist)? Can they simply be applied after an hour or so? Lastly, can you layer peptide produces (such as copper peptide and Regenerist)? There's very little information out there on the use of these products other than "buy our products!" so I'd really appreciate any info or advice you could give me.

Honestly it depends on what copper peptide products you use, as far as I know it would be alright to use the peptides with a tretinoin product, however you need to be very cautious with prescription products. I’ve heard great things about the Regenerist product so I would recommend trying it. If you want to wait for the product to absorb before applying another then you can however I think you will still reap the benefits of using both. Please feel free to contact me with further questions. Best skin care wishes.

Meagan, Esthetician