Cruelty free/wrinkles

Question: Hello, I am wanting to buy a new day moisturizer, night moisturizer, face wash and serum, all to prevent wrinkles. I am 30 years old and have super dry skin. I have tried the eminence blueberry moisture cream through this site, I do not like it bc it leaves a film of stickiness and never dries. I do usually like thicker moisturizers. Thank you.

Thank you for reaching out to us. I would recommend the DHC Brand. I would cleanse my face with their Deep Cleansing Oil. Follow with the Super Collagen Mist. I would recommend using the Facial Scrub once or twice a week as well. Next I would apply their Concentrated Eye Cream follow with the Rich Moisture. For your night time regimen follow the day regimen, but I would substitute the Rich Moisture with the Extra Nighttime Moisture. The Extra Concentrate would be nice to use once a week for an extra benefit.Hoppe this helps, have a nice day !