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Dry skin around nasal septum

Writer and expert13 years ago
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Q Hi doc For three months now I have dry skin around my nasal septum and my nasal openings. Its not itchy but looks unsightly. I have tried 1% hydrocortisone cream, Nizoral shampoo, and salt water all to no effect. I am bit prone to dust allergy and hay fever and would be snuffly for this period. I don't think it is trauma from tissue use. I am at present using e45 moisturiser but it's having no effect. Thanking you Eddie

It's that time of year for major allergy problems. It could be a result of that. Try using something that is hydrating as well as protective on the dry areas such as Dermalogica Barrier Repair. If the problem persists I suggest seeing a local dermatologist. Best skin care wishes. Meagan, Esthetician

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