Drysol Rash

Question: I recently started using Drysol and I only used it twice and it worked really well, except I now have a pretty bad rash under my arms. Is there anything that will get rid of it, and is there any product with the same results of Drysol that might not give me a rash? Thanks

I actually had this same reaction from Drysol when initially using it. My suggestion/what I did was moisturize the armpit area at night with DML Forte Cream. You could most likely use any type of cream that is gentle, hydrating and safe for sensitive skin. Although this worked for me and other clients of mine, it unfortunately may not produce the same results for you. Every ones skin is different. If you find your still reacting from the product consider a clinical strength deodorant like Dove Clinical Protection. Please contact me with further questions.

Meagan, Esthetician