Eczema and facial skincare

Question: I recently had a flair up of eczema on my face, mainly around eyes and mouth, I’ve never had eczema before and I already had a set skincare routine that included among other ingredients a rotation of lactic acid and niacinamide etc. this routine worked for me before with no problems but now my skin seems to react to it and not using it has made my old skin problems, oily skin, texture, hyperpigmentation come back. Is there anything for sensitive skin with eczema dry patches I can use to get the rest of my skin back in order?

Thank you for reaching out to us. I would recommend the brand Image, I have put together a regimen for you. Step 1) Ormedic Balancing Facial CleanserStep 2) Balancing Anti-Oxidant SerumStep 3) Vital C Hydrating Water Burst Step 4)Prevention+Daily Hydrating Moisturizer SPF 30 PM ) Cleanse, serum, Balancing Bio-Peptide CreameIt’s always nice to masque periodically , their Ormedic Balancing Gel Masque would benefit your skin. You can actually sleep with this on.All of these products are designed to help with your skin concerns.I hhope this helps, have a nice day! Cyndee, Dermstore Esthetician