Question: Can you tell me how to get rid of this "folliculitis" once and for all? I have had recurring outbreaks of what dermatologists call folliculitis on my scalp off and on for almost 5 years (33 year old female). It seems to improve at times with antibiotic. It has been recommended that a prescription of female hormones could help. It's very painful, itchy and comes at the most unpredictable times. I've spent thousands of dollar trying various antibiotics, scalp solutions/treatments/medications, etc. To no avail. It still keeps coming back. Is there anything that masks itself like folliculitis but is something else? thanks.

Unfortunately I am unable to tell you how to rid the folliculitis without knowing what the cause is. Folliculitis stems from different areas for each case. For example, folliculitis can be caused by damage to the hair follicle, viruses, bacteria and fungi. You must narrow down the cause of such, before attempting to cure it. The following are common causes of what may bring on these such things: friction from shaving or tight clothing, excessive perspiration, inflammatory skin conditions such as dermatitis and acne, injury such as abrasions or wounds, exposure to coal tar, pitch or creosote. Determine whether any of these may be contributing and this will help you to narrow down the cause. It is possible that this is not folliculitis, for a proper diagnosis I suggest you demand a sample, or skin biopsy of your scalp be done and sent to a lab for testing. I apologize I cannot be more helpful.

Meagan, Esthetician