Fordyce Spots

Question: About 1.5/2 years ago I noticed I had white pimples/spots on my lips. During this time I've used canesten, nyastatin, fucidin (doc's choice) creams (thought either fungal or bacterial) and none worked. Now I've come to the conclusion I have Fordyce Spots (small sebaceous (oil) glands). There are some on the top front lip (under the skin). On both corners of the top lip I have many small white "dots" in "clusters" that have "jumped out" so not under the skin. If you could tell me if they'll work. If there is any viable treatment to make it better/less noticeable that I didn't mention please do tell (I realize this isn't contagious and considered "normal" but I want to try to get rid of them or minimize them) 1)Tocopherol gel/cream to be applied to the lips. Can you say which one specifically/brand name as in pharmacies here they only have the tablets (like Vitmain E) 2) Tretinoin gel (ex Rectin A, Stieva don't know %) with á hydroxy acids Are they safe to use and for how long?

According to published records the following are said to be helpful in treating this condition: prescription tretinoin gel, jojoba oil, argania, some laser treatments like co2 laser and pulse dye lasers. One brand of tocopherol is not specifically mentioned. I would recommend you find a liquid capsule form and simply break it open for treatment. You can use the prescription tretinoin for as long as prescribed by your physician. Please contact me with further questions.

Meagan, Esthetician