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Glytone vs MD Forte Face Lotions Glycolic Acid Strength

Writer and expert13 years ago
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Q Hi I use MD Forte facial cleanser 3, and the facial lotion 3. I have heard that Glytone products have a higher % of Glycolic acid in them. Is this true, in particular the Glytone Exfoliating Lotion 3. I was wondering also if the Glytone is more potent would I benefit from switching facial lotions and facial washes (from MD Forte cleanser 3 to Glytone mild facial gel). Thanks

Before answering your question, you should understand the difference between glycolic compound, and free acid value. A compound is a mixture of ingredients that contain acids but also water, alcohols, preservatives, etc. All make up a portion of the "compound".When you read 30% glycolic compound, is NOT 30% glycolic acid; this percentage reflects the total compound. When looking to buy glycolic acid products, you should be aware if the product is a compound or if it contains the free acid value. Free acid value is stronger than the compound.All MD Forte products have compound, and all Glytone products have the free acid value.You can read under the ingredients list for the MD Forte Facial Lotion II what its glycolic compound is made of. Glytone Exfoliating Lotion Step 3 has 17.0% Free Acid Value. If you are looking for a stronger product, I suggest the Glytone Facial Lotion Step 3, or the Glytone Facial Lotion Step 2.I apologize that I do not have the exact amount of free acid value included in the MD Forte products, in some cases the acid value may be as low as half the total percentage stated. Please contact this manufacturer for further information.

Writer and expert
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