Glytone vs MD Forte

Question: I would like to use the Glytone skincare regiment, but am not quite sure which products to select. I've used the product before, but since they have changed the product/packaging. I am 50yr old and need a very good skin care regiment. my skin type is combination skin with oily T-zone. Would like a good exfoliator, I last used #2, which was about 3 yrs ago. I also read where you had responded to someone that the MD Forte was stronger than the Glytone, while Dr. Craig said differently when he compared the products strength to MD Forte.Which one would produce the best result the fastest? Also, what is good for very hard and very dark elbows..nothing I've tried seems to be working? Thank you for your advice... Sunshine12b

I’m not sure if it was a misprint on my part of someones else’s but Glytone is stronger then MD Forte as Glytone uses a free acid glycolic where most all other skincare lines use a glycolic complex, meaning it is buffered. I’d recommend you start with a kit of products as it is more cost effective. Consider Glytone Normal to Oily Skin System Kit 1. Start with this and when you feel you are ready to move up, switch to the 2, and then to the level 3 when you feel your skin is ready. Additionally with this kit I feel a sunscreen is extremely important. I’d recommend Glytone Moisturizing Sunscreen SPF 30. To address the issues with the elbows I recommend you try Glytone Ultra Heel and Elbow Cream as well as your normal body moisturizer. Please feel free to contact me with further skincare questions. Best skin care wishes.

Meagan, Esthetician