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hard white balls under skin

Writer and expert13 years ago
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Q my boyfriend has small white hard balls on his testicles... he has actually dug some out/or squeeze few out by hand. they are hard and in a white sack filled with a thick white ?puss i guess. i also have one on my lower back right on my pants line. i don't know what these are and I'm pretty sure its not herpes since herpes is more of a blister like thing. it is under the skin and since i have found one on my back i don't think it is an std. the closest thing i found to the right thing is a cyst. can u tell me what these are and how they can be removed or treated.!?

The bumps sound like normal and very common sebaceous cysts of the scrotum. They are generally caused by infected hair follicles. At no point should these every be picked at or squeezed. The bump on your back is likely a whitehead or milia, something that can be taken care of by a dermatologist.

Meagan, Esthetician

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