Healing Time For Warts on Inner Thighs After They’re Removed

Question: I have warts that I thought were genital warts on my inner thighs, and recently found out from my OB-GYN that they are not ""genital warts"", but regular warts located near (not ON) the genitals. She did a treatment with a type of acid (I can't remember what kind), and suggested that I see a dermatologist to have them frozen off, which I did recently (about two weeks ago). The warts have fallen off, but the area is still healing. My question is, how long until it's safe to have sex again? Also, even though these aren't ""genital"" warts, do they spread the same way? I didn't think of asking the dermatologist until I had left the office. The only answers I've seen on the web so far are ""practice abstinence"", but that really doesn't help me, I don't want to practice abstinence for the rest of my life! :) One more thing, I've been reading online that the basic treatments only remove the surface warts but don't kill the virus, is this the same for freezing? If these warts return, what is the most efficient way of getting rid of them once and for all (I know that the virus that causes warts stays in the body indefinitely, so I suppose the question shouldn't be ""once and for all"" but more a good chance at once and for all)? Would it be laser treatments or would cauterizing work just the same?

Unfortunately these questions would be better answered by the dermatologist who removed the warts as they treated you. I recommend calling them and following up this way. It is possible to spread the warts if they come into contact with another person which is why practicing abstinence is suggested. How long should be discussed with your dermatologist. It is true that freezing or removing them can only be temporary. Warts are caused by an infection of the human papillomavirus infection. There are about 100 different types of these viruses which we all carry with us. Those that actually have warts arise are those that are unable to fight the infection. Thus, if you have experienced the warts then its most likely you are one of those that is unable to fight the infection off and may get them again. An option may be a topical cream Imiquimod which helps the body’s immune system fight the wart virus; or there are also injectables that you can do such as Candida or Trichophyton antigens. But no matter what, discussing with your dermatologist is best.

Meagan, Esthetician

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