How do I layer all my different products? It’s so confusing

Question: I use several different products and I’m actually wondering if I even need to use all of them. I was actually thinking of adding one for my acne scars and wanted to know in what exact order I would use it. So currently I use in the AM skinceuticals CE ferulic followed by HA intensifier, and then my eye cream and moisturizer. In PM I use the ordinary retinoid 2% emulsion, followed by HA intensifier and again my eye cream and moisturizer. I wanted to add the TSN essential serum because I have such good reviews about growth factors. So my question is 1) would it beneficial to add this to my existing regimen and if so 2) how would incorporate it and In what order? Thank you so much for your guidance, Grisel Camino

Thank you for reaching out to us. I would recommend alternating your days, for example use your CE Ferulic one day and your TNS the next, follow the same order that you were applying your other products , just alternate those two products. Also if you are not using your retinoid every night feel free to use your TNS on the nights that you are not.

Hope this helps , have a nice day !