How do I use everything I bought and in what order?

Question: Hi! I recently bought several items from the Dermstore (order #40124910) and would love some advice on a good routine or in which order to use all the products (along with my daily routine that I have in place)/or if I can even use all the products at once. I would say that my skin is not very sensitive but I also don't want to overdo it since these are all new products to me... The items I purchased are: Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Alpha Beta Clinic-At-Home Kit CorsX BHA Blackhead Power Liquid Paula's Choice 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant ORA Derma Roller - 0.5mm The already (long) list of things I use today (in order of how I apply): Foaming Exfoliation Face Wash - Kate Somerville Exfoliation Mask - 1-2x a week - Kate Somerville Toner Spot Acne Treatment Lotion Sunscreen, Primer followed by my make-up (only in the morning) I would assume that I should be using my Derma roller after I wash/exfoliate my face... and then would I follow that with the Dr. Gross Pads, then Paula's Choice and/or Corsx (maybe 1-2 nights a week)... then maybe a serum (at night)? Any help would be great! Thank you so much!

thank you for reaching out to us. It appears that you are using similar products that do not need to be layered. I will break them down for you.

Dr. Dennis Gross this kit I would apply 1-2 x a week but only on its own .

Kate Summerfields mask 1X a week if you are using Dr. Dennis Gross. the exfoliating cleanser before your mask should be fine .

When you use your Derma -roller I would not use an Exfoliating Cleanser before just a nice gentle cleanser, and after you have Derma-rolled I would apply a nice serum or moisturizer or even a nice hydrating mask.

Paula`s Choice and COSRX they can be used together followed by your moisturizer and sunscreen.

You just need to alternate your products more .

I hope this helps, have a nice day !


Dermstore Esthetician