Husband Needs a Regimen!

Question: Hi Team :) My husband hasn’t really had a consistent skincare routine, but as the signs of aging have started to show the last few years, he’s looking to change that. He has a lot of redness, possibly rosacea (but more mild than what a google image search typically yields), as well as some poor texture, two deep horizontal wrinkles on his forehead and crows feet around his eyes. He’s in his mid thirties. Given that info- what would you recommend for his day and nighttime routine?

Thank you for reaching out to us. I would recommend SkinMedica`s regiMen The Essential Skin Care System for Men (5 piece) this kit would be his day regimen. For night I would recommend using everything except the day moisture, I would replace it with the Rejuvenative Moisturizer for his eye cream TNS Illuminating Eye Cream He can apply day and night.This would be a great regimen for him.Hoppe this helps, have a nice holiday !