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hydroquinone & salicylic acid

Writer and expert13 years ago
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Q I am currently using a prescribed mixture of hydroquinone, retin-a and kojic acid. I tend to break out sometimes so I use a cleanser and toner with salicylic acid. I recently heard salicylic acid cancels out the benefits from my prescription ingredients, mainly hydroquinone. Is this also true for glycolic acid? If so, can you recommend any cleanser and toner products that will help treat oily/acne prone skin that won't interfere with my prescription ingredients?

Salicylic acid does not cancel out the benefits of the ingredients/prescriptions you are currently using. In fact there are many cosmetic products that contain both salicylic acid and vitamin A ingredients. Glycolic acid also does not interfere or cancel out the benefits for the ingredients you are using. Please contact me with further questions.

Meagan, Esthetician

Writer and expert
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