hyperpigmentation on and below lower lip

Question: My lower lips and skin surrounding lower lips is hyper pigmented. lower lips remain dry and a layer of skin peels off daily. skin surrounding lower lips is dark. I am experiencing this problem from last two years. Currently I am using DEPIDERM of URIAGE. I am not able to understand weather it is melasama or not? please advice me.

Unfortunately an actual diagnosis cannot be made via the Internet. For such, you would have to make an appointment with a physician, a dermatologist preferably, in your local area so that they may have a visual, diagnose and then recommend the appropriate course of treatment. In the meantime, consider using an exfoliating lip treatment to remove the dry skin, such as Glytone Nighttime Lip Treatment. Continue use of the lightening product you are using, but also incorporate a SPF daily to protect from discoloration. Best skin care wishes.

Meagan, Esthetician