Ingredients in products

Question: Is Sodium Myreth Sulfate cancer causing, and what is dangerous about it because it is in my shampoo? Also what is dangerous about Methylparaben?

There have been studies that show that sodium myreth sulfate and sodium lauryl sulfate can cause irritation and sensitivity to the eyes and face. I have also read that it has been linked to cancer, cataracts and baldness. However the FDA lists these ingredients as generally safe to use. Keep in mind that any review or opinion you read or hear is not necessarily true. The ingredient has been used for a period of time without causing strange side effects, but there are those who shouldn’t use it because it does. My opinion, try to avoid it and see if there is change in your skin and hair. Methylparaben is another ingredient that has mixed reviews. It’s used a preservative and again is considered generally safe by the FDA. If you wish to avoid such ingredients use organic and paraben free products such as Eminence Organics, which is sold on Best skin care wishes.

Meagan, Esthetician