Is flour bad for your face.

Question: I was wondering if flour is ok to use on your face? I heard there are benefits when using flour for helping with skin issues etc. Helping with break outs etc. There are diy face mask recipes involving flour, as well as some make up artists using dry flour as a setting powder. These flours I'm talking about are gram flour, all purpose flour, timer if flour, and even corn flour. I'm just wanting to know if it is harmful to use on your face for short periods of time before trying it. I haven't been able to find reliable sources on the matter and would feel much more comfortable trying something after I've done all my research.

Hello Stevie,

Thank you for contacting us. In fact many forms of flour are incorporated into quit a few products for exfoliating masks etc. I would also recommend to check out <a a="a" eminence="Eminencea try for an all natural organic company.