itchy skin when wet

Question: I want to know why my skin itches when I take a bath.. It is only the lower part that is submerged.. Also when I take a bath I used my right hand to bathe which gets submerged in water and then the palm along with lower half of my body itches severely when within 5 to 10 minutes of getting in bath.. it continues until I put lotion on to soothe and wait within 20 minutes or so for it to stop.. I don't itch no other time to that degree unless I am in the tub.. I switched to showers which help a little but sometimes when part of my body which is usually my feet which gets submerged or my back or buttocks when the water hits it for a period of starts feeling really itchy like I want to rip my skin off.. LOL... I have tried before switching to showers using Aveeno soothing bath once and it didn't work...So showers is what I am stuck with.. Now when I wash my face I don't have any problems but it is only when my body is Submerged in WATER it gets REAL ITCHY.... I have a couple small rashes on the top of my feet near toes and top and it only itches sometimes and clears up when using cortisone..I am not sure if the rashes are caused by me wearing socks and being on my feet all day.... but the itchiness is a real issue.. I thought there was too much chlorine in the water or something but I had a relative who bathe and she didn't have a problem... I find it disconcerting that I don't know why this is happening

Treatment recommendations for this skin concern cannot be made until you have first received a proper diagnosis from a physician. I suggest seeking consultation from a physician in your local area first and then following up for treatment. Please feel free to follow up once you have received diagnostic care and I’d be happy to assist you further.