Keloid scar

Question: I have a long keloid scar on my wrist. Had surgery two years ago. Is there anything that would help a keloid?

The treatment of keloids can be quite difficult because if surgically removed or treated the keloid has about a 50% chance of returning and it can also come back larger then it originally was. Still surgical removal is usually the best process. Dressings made of silicone gel sheets can reduce the size of keloids. The issue with dressings is they are a pain, and usually continual. Corticosteroid injections can reduce keloids. Injections along with surgical removal have also proven to be helpful and show good results. Other methods of treatment include compression, cryosurgery, radiation and laser. There are also experimental procedures, but I would recommend avoiding such until we see how they work over time.

Meagan, Esthetician