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KP/Dots/ Scars/Stretch Marks?

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Q Hi, I've already been to a dermatologist but he was rude and unhelpful. I live in a really small town, so I don't think we have any more in my area. But I have tons of questions! On KP/Dots- Does oil plugging work for keratosis pilaris? What have you heard about it? I have olive to brown color skin and my KP is only on my upper arms, upper thighs and hips. On my arms, they are red and bumpy. On my upper thighs and hips they are dark brown. One of my mom's friends had KP and she just went out in the sun and hers are all gone. How is that? Also, on my calves I have brown dots everywhere surrounding the growth of the hair. They look like small polka dots everywhere! What should I do? Scars -I poke my zits with a safety pin to get rid of the bump (I know that's bad but I can't help it!) but now I have tons of scars on my forehead b/c I keep picking on them. What's the best solution? I know there are surgical procedures but that's really last resort. Are there any over-the-counter creams or natural home remedies for this? Or any suggestions? Stretch marks- I don't have many and they are very light. I have them around my breast and my arms. Is there anything I can do? I know it's a lot of questions but if you could please help me, I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

Unfortunately I am unaware of what you mean when you say "oil-plugging." I was also unable to find any information on this term. To treat the KP I suggest you consider Glycolix Elite Keratosis Pilaris Kit or Glytone Keratosis Pilaris Kit. To treat the scars I suggest you consider Kelo-cote Tube or Merz Mederma. You must also work on not picking breakout areas. You can help it you just have to work diligently to not pick. Keep in mind when you're about to pick that it's easy to scar your skin, but it is extremely difficult to treat the scars. Surgical treatments offer the best results for scar treatment and these procedures are very expensive. Lastly, I recommend the following products to help treat stretch marks. StriVectin-SD and/or ProCyte Striae Stretch Mark Creme. Best skin care wishes. Meagan, Esthetician

Writer and expert
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