lactose intolerant vc lactic acid peels

Question: Hello, I am a licensed esthetician and have a bach. in medical skincare and currently continuing my education in skin care and Masters in Nutrition. I have a question that I have yet to find the answer to... I am working and teaching basic and paramedical skin care. A subject came up between a peer and I regarding lactic acid peels. Can someone who is lactose intolerant receive a lactic acid peel? This question came upon us when a client received a lactic peel who didn't immediately tell us she was lactose intolerant and the results were not critical in any way, there were just simply no results/difference in the client's skin whatsoever. We even tried a medical-grade strength the next time she came in. This could have maybe been a conscience. If you can answer this question to us, I/we would be so glad, as I would love to inform my students on such information that I have never learned myself. Sincerely, Cara E Zebrick CaraElyse Skin Care Inc.

To my knowledge someone who is lactose intolerant can receive an lactic acid peel with fine results or no issues. The issues with someone being lactose intolerant stem in the small intestine which is in the digestive system, as I’m sure you know. Lactic acid being absorbed by the skin should not effect the digestive system in anyway. The first peel you did was probably just not powerful enough to see results, lactic acid is fairly mild when compared to say a glycolic acid peel. I hope this answers your question. Best skin care wishes.

Meagan, Esthetician