Little brown/black spots all over my body

Question: Two years ago, I was a very heavy crystal meth user. Right before I quit, I developed little brown/black spots all over my body (mostly arms, legs, face). They came all of a sudden and at the time, another user told me they were "speed bumps". I picked at them until the brown part actually came off my skin, leaving scars. Were these speed bumps? Most stuff I read on the web explains "speed bumps" as pimple-like sores. The things I had were nearly black, and looked like dark, raised birthmarks

It is not easy to tell exactly what you had on your skin or what you have now. Consultation with a dermatologist in your area would be optimal if possible.

Meth users often become compulsive pickers due to the effects of the drug on the mind. The drug causes the subtle illusion of something in the skin that needs to be extracted or ‘fixed’ which often creates a compulsive cycle in which large sores can be created which ultimately scar. I have seen huge craters created as a result of this side effect of meth use.

Quitting meth was really a great choice. I endorse your continued efforts to resist the temptation of meth. Please keep it up. Your life depends on it.

Craig A. Kraffert, MD