Looking for a good moisturizer to use after Tretinoin application. Also seeking all day physical sunscreen recs.

Question: I am seeking recommendations for two products: 1) A non-comedogenic, fragrance free moisturizer/cream w/OUT retinoids, that is moderately priced (or a bargain). I use Tretinoin .025% at night. 2) A non-comedogenic all day physical sunscreen that is cosmetically elegant. Is there one that does not have to be reapplied? I am 46 years old. Peri-menopause, dry to very dry skin, mild acne, slightly sensitive (mostly to fragrance), fine lines and wrinkles.

Thank you for reaching out to us. I would recommend the brand La Roche-Posay their Toleriane Sensitive Fluide for your moisturizer as well as their Anthelios Ultra-light Mineral Sunscreen both of these products will help with your skincare needs. This brand has a lot of products to offer that are designed for your skin type. I hope this helps. haave a good day !Thank you for making Dermstore your #1 source for all things beauty!
Cyndee RDermstore Esthetician