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losing collagen in face and body- skin is rubbery

Writer and expert13 years ago
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Q Hi, I just turned 29 and have very fair skin. I have not ever spent excessive time in the sun, and have been very vigilant about sunscreen on my face. I have also always taken for granted that I would look young well into my forties, as both my parents did. However, suddenly this past year, I noticed an extreme loss of firmness to my skin, beginning with my face and now I am noticing it all over my body. Suddenly, I have really loose skin in places (particularly my shoulders when arms are above my head skin hangs off), forearms and neck. I feel like I aged ten years all of a sudden. Also, the skin in areas such as ( I know this might sound weird) my elbows, knees and decolletage seem extremely malleable and can move about two inches in any direction. It just seems my skin suddenly lost its firmness, and now, if it's moved in any direction, it looks old and crinkled-- it crinkles when squeezed as opposed to being supple. I know this sounds weird, but I am really panicking. I have completely changed my diet to include plenty of green vegetables, antioxidants and fish oil. My diet wasn't too bad before, but I have always had a lot of sugar. Is this all due to glycation? What can I do to possibly reverse these effects? Thank you.

It's possible that glycation could be a factor. But just because your parents aged doesn't necessarily mean you will...unfortunately. A healthy diet is a good start as well as daily supplements. I suggest you consider Jan Marini Skin Research C-ESTAMINS Nutritional Skin Care Supplement and/or Imedeen Time Perfection - 3 Month Supply. I also suggest a good skin care regimen. Starting out with a kit of products is ideal. Consider Jan Marini Skin Research Transformation Cream System - Regular or CosMedix Correct Kit. To treat the body I suggest Glytone Lipo-Lift Massage Kit. Please contact me if you have any further questions. Best skin care wishes. Meagan, Esthetician

Writer and expert
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