Milia on Lips

Question: Hello, I have very tiny, tightly packed milia on my upper lip. The milia is too small to be treated with a lancet; therefore, I was considering machines such as non-laser Vascutouch or Vascular 300 for treatment. These treatments consist of a probe being placed on the milia and a frequency passing through it. I was wondering if milia is often successfully removed by this sort of treatment and if there is any risk of scaring and especially, as it is on the lips, discoloration. Thanks.

The Vascutouch is a good possible treatment for milia. I would recommend trying it if you have this issue. Like the Vascutouch, the Vascular 300 is also recommended for small lesions found on the face so would also be appropriate. There is always a slight risk associated with such procedures. Both machines are said to not scar but I do know that the Vascutouch can cause temporary scabbing which can turn into scarring if picked at or further injured.

Meagan, Esthetician