nickel-free shaving razors

Question: Do you know of any company who manufactures nickel-free shaving razors, manual or electric? My husband developed a nickel allergy and now shaving is an ordeal. Most of the disposable razors are coated with nickel. Any ideas are welcome! Thanks, Charlene

I have yet to find a company that makes razors that are not plated with nickel, I’m still searching and waiting to hear back from a couple different companies. In the meantime I suggest he coat his razor with a clear nail polish. That may sound strange, however that is what many people with nickel allergies do to avoid breaking out. It may cause him to not get such as close shave, but I do think it will help his irritation out. If I receive anymore information I will be sure to pass it onto you. Best skin care wishes.

Meagan, Esthetician