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non-inflamed clogged pores

Writer and expert13 years ago
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Q Skin around the side creases of my skin, and now my chin too, has a problem. Every day these pores not only fill, but overfill--creating white "buttons" or tags sitting off the surface of the skin. They are clogged, obviously, but not in the traditional sense. They are not inflamed at all, and are definitely not whiteheads or blackheads. I can take my tweezers, grip the little top, and simply slide it out. SO gross! It pulls out a long piece of sebum or whatever, like a pore strip would normally do...except mine fill up and then have a iceberg tip on TOP of the skin! So not only are my pores clogged, they actually overfill and leave white dots! On my chin, they are like a million tiny little flaps. I cannot take a hour to pull these out every day! But they are noticeable! I am 32, did not break out too bad as a teen, and now, the older I get, the MORE I am breaking out. And that is in addition to the nose/chin thing, I wash my face every day, and I've tried every cleanser under the sun. WHY does my skin do this? I have oily skin, and it seems to be getting oiler, and yet areas are dry --it seems oil "underneath" and dry on top at the same time. Help me! -- I've never read anything about those things before!

I have actually had patients with issues such as this. Unfortunately I do not have an explanation as to why you suffer from this problem, but found that with my clients the proper skin care regimen seemed to help address this problem. I would recommend you consider a regimen such as the following CosMedix Purity Clean. Spot treating is very beneficial, as you are targeting problem areas. Consider CosMedix Clarity Serum to spot treat. For day and night moisture consider CosMedix Phytoclear. The acne issues should also be treated with daily supplements such as CosMedix Clarity Supplement. You may also want to consider professional treatments from an esthetician in your local area. Many of my patients saw good results from microdermabrasion treatments and/or chemical peels. Regular extractions from your esthetician should also help to minimize this problem. Please contact me with further questions. Best skin care wishes. Meagan, Esthetician

Writer and expert
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