Obagi C products and pregnancy

Question: Hi Meagan, Thank you for the opportunity to inquire about some Obagi products. I started using Obagi C Rx products several years ago and I absolutely loved the product. After trying many prescription products to control my light case of rosacea, combo skin/ large pores I finally found a product line that worked. My husband and I started trying to become pregnant about a year ago and I was afraid to continue the Obagi. After doing some research I read I "could" actually use some of the Obagi products just not the serum or the Night cream. What products in the Obagi line could I safely use to improve my skin and make it look as radiant while trying to conceive? What kind of regime could I follow. Thank you for any direction you can give me. I have an appointment with a new dermatologist as mine passed away last year, but I hate to wait the two months to get started on something. I truly believe in the Obagi line. Natalie McFarland

I spoke directly with an Obagi rep in regard to your question. Here is her answer…

Regarding the C Rx products, pregnant women can use the Cleansing Gel, Day Lotion, and Sunguard. Anything that is RX shouldn’t be used until nursing is finished. The prescription products (C Clarifying Serum and Night Cream) are in a drug category C, meaning the benefit has to outweigh the risk and with pigment people can usually wait.

Best skin care wishes.

Meagan, Esthetician