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Obagi Induced Milia

Writer and expert13 years ago
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Q I have been using the full Obagi Nuderm line for 18 months. Prior to that I used a combination of Estee Lauder, Cellex C and Dr. Sebaugh products. I am 49 and have used good products and followed a rigid skin care program since I was 18. My esthetician recommended Obagi since I take skin care so seriously. I have no wrinkles and little sun damage. I do have large pores and combination skin prone to break-outs which is the reason I have always used better products. The Obagi line provided good results in the first year or so, but over the last three months, it seems my skin doesn't look as smooth as it did prior to Obagi. Just under the skin, I have white bumps my esthetician calls Milia. She recommended more use of the Blender and Retina A to help with exfoliation. I have always used everything as prescribed. The additional Blender and Retin A just makes me red -I flake, my skin looks pretty good for a few days and the Milia seems to reappear. Is there another serious skin care program that would clear up the Milia and provide better results.

Milia, unfortunately, can be quite difficult to treat/remove. Many times patients will need to have them professionally removed by a dermatologist. I would recommend you consider this, as it's typically the best option. Prescription products like vitamin A can actually cause milia in some people - I've seen it a number of times. It's possible the prescriptions are too aggressive. In that case I would recommend using less of the prescription meaning maybe 1-2 times a week. Unfortunately milia are difficult to treat with topical products alone usually, but I do recommend exfoliating regularly to avoid getting milia. Please contact me with further questions.

Meagan, Esthetician

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