Oily Skin turned Dry

Question: I've always had oily skin but lately my cheeks and chin have gone so dry that the texture has completely changed. I exfoliate and the texture of my skin doesn’t change. I don’t want to use moisturizer in case my acne comes back/gets worse. Any idea what could be going on and/or what I could do about it?

A sudden change in your skin can be due to numerous contributors such as starting or stopping medications, change in diet or daily supplements or extreme stress. Exfoliating should be helping, however you should still be hydrating. I recommend a lightweight serum such as Cellex-C Hydra 5 B Complex or Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Booster. Keep in mind there is a difference between hydrating your skin and moisturizing your skin. These serums will hydrate, but not heavily moisturize. Additionally, water consumption will also help to hydrate the skin so increase the amount of water your are drinking on a daily basis. If the problem persists, I recommend seeking consultation with a dermatologist in your local area. Best skin care wishes.

Meagan, Esthetician