Order in which to use skin care products

Question: I have several products and I’m confused about what order in which to use them. I have dermalogica pre-cleanse, CE Ferulic, intense moisture balance, dynamic skin recovery, cocoon and skin medica tns recovery complex. Please help give me an am and pm order in which to use my products. Thanks

Thank you for reaching out to us. I have put together a regimen for you.

Step 1) Dermalogica Pre-Cleanse

Step 2) CE Ferulic

Step 3) Dynamic Skin Recovery , or you could interchange with the Intense Moisture Balance just depends on how your skin is feeling if you wanted more hydration.

PM) Cleanse, TNS , Intense Moisture Balance

Cocoon I would just apply on it`s own without the TNS .

I hope this helps, have a nice day !


Dermstore Esthetician