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Paraben free, oil-free moisturizer

Writer and expert13 years ago
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Q Hi - would you please recommend a paraben/preservatives free, and oil-free moisturizer for people in mid-30's? Is paraben really bad for skin? thank you!

I recommend you consider the following products: Eminence Sugar Plum Oil-Free Revitalizer or Juice Beauty Oil-free Moisturizer. There is a lot of controversy surrounding parabens. At this point there really is no proof or studies that I am aware of back up the theory that parabens are bad for the skin. Parabens have been used safely for years. However, most skin care companies are moving away from these ingredients because they are not necessary to put in products. There are natural preservatives that can be used in products rather then parabens. I tend to recommend products that are paraben-free because I personally prefer more natural products. Best skin care wishes. Meagan, Esthetician

Writer and expert
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