Question: Trying to readdress my whole skin care routine. I appreciate your earlier suggestion about facial sunscreen and plan to check that out! But I had one more question... I enjoy makeup, but have never worn much. At 46, that probably isn’t going to change! I’ve notice recently that anything I put on now just seems to sit on top of my skin and settle into my pores, especially along the T zone. I initially thought it was my skin and finally found a new skin care routine that seems to be improving things. My skin has gotten considerably drier as i’ve gotten older. While my overall hydration and tone seems to be going in the right direction, this pore issue has NOT. It makes everything look awful, and I’m now at the point that I wear nothing. Just skin care, sunscreen and out the door. I’m very tactile and I normally hate the feel of foundation on my face. I’m also VERY fair & redheaded. I normally wear a tinted moisturizer or a mineral based powder. Even those look terrible now! Any suggestions? I can’t be the only one! Please help! I would prefer something that is cruelty free. Many, many thanks!!!

Thank you for reaching out to us. I would recommend a couple of products for you. To help with your pores, I would recommend the brand Dermelect theirPore Revolution and T-Zone Mattifier will help with your pore concern. From there you can apply your foundation, I would recommend the brand Juice Beauty their PHYTO-PIGMENTS Flawless Serum Foundation would look nice on your skin.Hoppe this helps, have a nice day !Thank you for making Dermstore your #1 source for all things beauty!
Cyndee RDermstore Esthetician