Purging vs breakout

Question: Hi, I’m 31 years old with dry, somewhat sensitive skin. I’m also pregnant and looking for new pregnancy safe products. I recently tried Skinceuticals CE Ferulic and within a few days had a cystic pimple and blackheads on my chin. The rest of my skin looked pretty good. I cut back to using it every other day but am still noticing some small bumps on my chin (blackheads and a whitehead). Is this purging and I should wait a few weeks or is this product just not a good fit?

It is hard to tell without seeing your skin what type of inflammation you are experiencing. As a general rule, I would say that purging has a tendency to be less severe, does not last longer than a week and rarely comes with inflammation. If you are still experiencing these breakouts a week after trying the new product. I recommend removing that product and seeing if the issue resolves.