rash below belly-button

Question: Hi, For the last few years, I've been getting a reoccurring rash that is located below my belly-button, and above my pubic area. It always starts and is the most present in that area, but will spread as it worsens. The rash seems to be more active at hotter temperatures, and especially in the shower or while I'm under stress. The rash is EXTREMELY itchy and worsens with scratching. At the worst it bleeds and is scaly and pink. When I avoid scratching and just feel the urge, I can see small bumps. I've used Cortisone 10 cream, prescription Cortisone cream, Caladryl lotion, and benadryl cream.

This sort of situation is often the result of contact with nickel metal from the back of the clasp on your pants. It will continue to bother you until you change to pants without exposed inner metal clasps and/or use thick shirts to completely block contact of your skin with the offending metal. Cortisones will help but are not a long term answer. Good luck. Craig A. Kraffert, MD,