Red bumps on face after chemical peel

Question: Hi Megan, About 4 weeks ago I had a Chemical Peel done by a profesional esthetician. The goal was to ged rid of Melasma (brown spots) on my cheeks which was caused due to a recent pregnancy. It has been a month and I noticed that after 2 weeks I started having red, itchy bumps on my face that appear mainly on my cheek bones (right over the melasma). I stop using feluric acid which I put on my face everyday before moisturizer. I also put some hydrocortizone to relieve the itching but nothing seems to help. Not only I still have the melasma spots now my cheeks look red and bumpy. I was suppose to do another peel last week but I was afraid to do it again so I had to cancelled. Do you recomend another peel? or should I hold off until the irritation is gone? is there any products I could use to help with the red bumps? are these a normal reaction to a chemical peel? By the way, before doing the peel I tried using tri-luma but it didn't help much with the brown spots. THANK YOU!

I would definitely suggest you wait for another peel until your skin has recovered. I’m not sure what kind of peel you had, but most esthetic peels don’t fully address the concerns you have – melasma. Again, I don’t know what peel you had administered so I cannot say for certain whether the peel is going to be helpful for your issues. Because I’m not certain what the red bumps actually are I do not feel comfortable recommending treatment products as they may only exasperate the issue. Some reactivity after a peel is normal – results vary with each person and their skin. Please feel free to contact me if you are open to a regimen suggestion – which I would be happy to do.

Meagan, Esthetician