Red Scar from Mole Removal and Acid Burn

Question: I had a very small, raised mole about a centimeter and a ½ below my lips. To be specific about the location of it, the mole was towards the right side of my lips. I wanted it removed but didn’t want to go under the knife, so I searched some home remedies on the Internet. This home remedy is very stupid and I shouldn’t have done it because it left a horrible scar. Okay, this is basically what I did by myself to remove the mole. I applied apple cider vinegar to a cotton ball. I then put the cotton ball on my mole and sealed it with a bandage. I changed the cotton ball 4 times a day because the apple cider vinegar would dry. But while doing this, I applied vasoline on the surrounding skin around the mole to protect it. I did this process for 5 days. While this process was going on, I noticed the mole was getting smaller and flattened, so I kept going, even though the apple cider vinegar would burn really bad. Around the third day the mole along with some surrounding skin was very numb and turned black. (I guess the vasoline didn’t do a good job in protecting the surrounding skin) I kept going because the instructions for this home remedy on the Internet stated that the mole would turn into a scab and just fall off. On the fifth day it did turn into a scab, but it didn’t fall off, but I decided to stop because I didn’t want to do anymore damage to the surrounding skin. I hated having that big scab below my mouth, so I started trying to peel it off very gently throughout the days. In about three days, the scab came off and the mole was gone. The area was very red and the area where the mole used to be was raised but I figured that it is a fresh wound and that it would fade and get better in about a week or so. Boy was I wrong!! It has been 5 months and I still have a red scar, with a very small layer of darker brown skin surrounding it. The scar is about 1 centimeter by 1 centimeter ( or slightly smaller). I know I shouldn’t have done that stupid home remedy on the Internet, but the damage is already done. So basically the apple cider vinegar removed the mole by just burning my skin off. I have done some research and apple cider vinegar contains acetic acid ( also known as ethanoic acid), so I guess my scar can be considered an acid burn scar. The scar is very red, but even redder where the mole used to be. When I brush my teeth, eat, drink, or even smile the whole entire scar gets even more red. It is also very sensitive, for example when I touch the skin around the scar, the scar turns red. But when I exercise the scar is about my normal skin tone. I think it is so weird that my scar changes colors like that. I am currently using silicone based products such as silicone sheets and kelo-cote that have a 24 hour contact to the skin. They have worked very well in flattening the scars, and they did reduce a little redness, but still there is still redness. And like I said before it gets even more red when I eat, drink, or brush my teeth. The questions that I want answered are as follows: 1) Why does the scar change color and get more red when I eat, drink, smile, and brush my teeth? (Keep in mind the red scar is below my lips) 2) Are the silicone based products a good thing to use on my scar? 3) Is there anything else I can use that is better than the silicone based products that can help reduce the redness? 4) Is it possible that the scar can stay red forever, and if not, how long will the redness remain?

Although difficult to know for certain I believe the scar and surrounding area change color due to movement or stimulation, such as after eating or drinking. It’s common knowledge that after an aggressive peel or facial treatment one should avoid exercise as well as spicy or hot foods because this can affect the state of the skin. I believe its the same situation with your scar.I think you are using the correct type of products, but I would also recommend a treatment product to address the redness and possibly assist in healing the skin such SkinMedica Scar Recovery Gel with Centelline. It is possible the scar will stay red indefinitely and unfortunately there is no way of telling how long it will remain red if it does eventually fade. However I do feel that it is a good sign that your skin is responding to the products you are already using.Best skin care wishes.Meagan, Esthetician