Question: I've recently been experiencing random red bumps on my face that are not reg pimples. My dermatologist thinks they may be ""rosacea pustules"". There's no itchiness or irritation ...just the red bump. Any recommendations for your products? Your Bionic Face Cream came up on a search for a good anti-aging product for those with rosacea.

Thank you for reaching out to us. In answer to your question yes, the NeoStrata Brand would be a great line for your skin type . I have put together a regimen for you:

Step 1) Facial Cleanser

Step 2) Reactive Skin Neutralizing Serum

Step 3) Bionic Face Cream

This would be your PM regimen as well. All of the products within this regimen will help your skin concerns.

I hope this helps, have a nice day !


Dermstore Esthetician