Scar from Pimple On Corner of My Lip

Question: Hi Doctors! I have a question. I had a tiny whitehead on the left side of my mouth for a little while. More specifically, right outside of my lips. I popped it about 4 days ago. It's not a cold sore & I have no STDs (been tested). Anyways, it's left behind a tiny circular scar on the left side of my lips. (brown on the outside, white on the inside). I'm brown-skinned so it's slightly noticeable around my lips. Is there any way I can remove this scar naturally? Home remedies? The pimple/scar has decreased in size but I want to fade it so I can have my mouth looking back to normal again.. Please help! Desperate Future Nurse!

I would recommend a face exfoliator, this will remove dead skin, thus encouraging new skin to surface. Also there are hyperpigmentation products you could use for post treatment.

I would highly recommend trying Soin Exfoliant – Exfoliating Face Care. As for hyperpigmentation; Naturally Flawless Brightener