Self tanners

Question: In these days we hear of clean anti-aging serums like Coola or Prada Glow just started selling to public products and a brand called Just Nutritive anti-aging. So my question is what is the best to use for sensitive skin if you want to avoid the sun but of course be able to wear shorts without being pale as a ghost. You don’t want to look orange, breakout, or spend a fortune. I have used Coola and it’s light but it’s caused some brown spots on my face but I’m in menopause but not awful but I have to put it on almost everyday as my toner and essence takes it off. My daughter is 23 never had acne but has an IUD as she got married and needed birth control and her face has been a problem. She thinks it breaks her out but I think she probably would’ve broke out regardless as her hormones are crazy. She is so pale and she really needs a good self tanner for face and body. Like yesterday it was 100 degrees she went to an outdoor event with a pantsuit romper and put a. Blue jean jacket over it because she was embarrassed for not having a tan. She always tanned in tanning bed or outside and her job is day shift and we moved and no pool now so ....... What tanning do you think in regards to the ones I mentioned and any others you may recommend.

Thank you for reaching out to us I would recommend the brand James Read , Dermstore actually has a blog about this brand. I have the link here for you this blog will give you and your daughter great information on this great brand.

I hope this helps, have a nice day !


Dermstore Esthetician